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About Me

The website name came from a childhood nick name given
 to me by my best-friend when we were about  9 years old.

Since I was very young, I loved art, creating, decorating, 
arts & crafts, designing, re-building, and making jewelry.

I see the potential in everything and love
to make something out of nothing.

I never imagined that my love for creating pretty things, 
could eventually become a professional passion,  
I am very grateful that it happened so naturally.

I am a self-taught website designer and marketing promotions graphics designer. 
I started on a personal website and now others have requested my services.
I have been expanding my skills over the years and continue to 
explore other software and design media.  

As a freelance artist, I have more time to work on my technical management degree. 
The freedom of freelancing, allows my creative life to be much more interesting, 
and the diversity of the work is very exciting. 

I would love to help you with your Event Materials or to Build your Website!
Call today:  470-257-7878